Can we get a two tone colored building, & would there be an additional charge?

Yes, you can get a two tone building & at no additional cost for horizontal sides. Vertical sides, there is an additional charge.

What does your leg height start at?

They start at a 6’ leg & can go higher, anything over 12’ is considered custom.




What payment methods are accepted?

Personal checks, cashier’s checks, money orders, all major credit cards. All credit cards come with a 1.5% surcharge.

How long will it take to have my carport assembled?

Depends on your building, 2 hours – 2 days. For rule of thumb, 1 hour for every $1,000 in value.

What Size Do You Recommend?

Note: This is only an estimation. It is customer’s duty to measure what size best fits their needs.


The height or also known as “eaves” is where the sidewall meets the truss (bow). We carry a standard 4/12 pitch on our standard structures. Click here to learn more about your roof pitch. Oh! If you plan to enclose your metal carport in the future, make sure to select a leg height 6′ or above. No garage door fits in a 5′ leg height.

5′ Height – Simple carport. Will not fit garage doors
6′ -7′ Height – Perfect height for sheds to store tools, lawnmowers etc
8′ -9′ Height – Cars, Trucks, SUVs. Majority of garage doors fit in this height
10-11′ Height – Workshops, Garages, and some Motorhomes
12+ – RVs, Motorhomes, Semi-trucks

What size do I need for my concrete pad?

Concrete Slab should be flush with the measurements of your building. 

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Why go with vertical roof panels vs horizontal roof panels?

There would be less maintenance needed due to the fact that the snow, water, etc. would slide right off with vertical roof panels.

Do I need a permit?

You would need to contact your township & work with them, all townships vary. But we do send over the documents needed if a permit is required.


Tell Us What You Envision and We Will Custom Build Your Perfect Building!

What will the framing of my building sit at?

It would be the listed width & 1’ shorter than the listed length, due to 6 inch overhang on each end.


What Is The Difference Between 14 And 12 Gauge?

The smaller the number, the thicker and stronger the material. We offer two different options to choose from and both are certified.

Heavy Duty Option – High Tensile Strength
Best for heavy snow loads and high winds
20 Year Warranty on Rust Through of Frame
2 -1/4″ x 2 -1/4″ in diameter

Economical Option
7 Year Warranty on Rust Through of Frame
Industry Standard
2 -1/2″ x 2 -1/2″ in diameter



Your length will vary based on your needs. Our standard lengthsstart at 21′ and increment every 5′. Just remember, the frame is 1′ foot shorter due to 6″ overhang on each end. For example, if you buy a 12x21 carport, your frame will be 12x20.

21 Long – Compact Cars and Traditional Pickups. The average lengths of pickup trucks is 17 ft.
26 Long – Class 3 Type Trucks i.e F-350, Fishing boats
31 Long – Most Class C Motorhomes
36 Long – Most Fifth Wheelers, Pop Up Campers
41 +  Long – Most Class A Motorhomes


Selecting the right width for you carport will depend on what you are using your building for. We carry widths from 12 – 60 wide. See our guideline below each for our recommendations

12 Wide – Single Car, Truck, SUV, RV
18 Wide – 2 compact cars
20 Wide – 2 sedan size cars
22 Wide – 2 full size cars, trucks, or SUVs
24 Wide – 2 oversize trucks or SUVs. Open doors with ease.
30 Wide – 3 Trucks or SUVs



How long will it take to have my carport delivered & installed?

It should be installed within 4 weeks from the date you are ready. If you are not ready at the moment of placing your order, you should expect installation within 3-6 weeks.

*Installation dates are weather permitting.